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Spiritwind Reef Resort

1st Newsight, Dangriga 0000, Belize

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    Far from the maddening world, forget your troubles, forget your job, your bills, your obligations.... your STRESS, and relax in your own Caribbean paradise. There is NO RULES HERE! Swim, snorkel or bask in the tropical sun. It's easy. Just ask, and our Captain will whisk you away in a fast boat, to our PRIVATE CORAL REEF ISLAND, where you will have a full day of peace and quiet and romance. For this moment in time, this is YOUR PRIVATE WORLD. Leave behind the heavy burdens of "civilized society".... break your chains and revitalize your soul. Belize has long been recognized as a World-class Fishing Destination, with the second longest Barrier Reef in the world, offshore Atolls, hundreds of Coral and Mangrove Islands, and endless miles of Lagoons, Estuaries and Rivers and all teeming with a wide variety of Great Game fish. And Spiritwind Reef Resort is SERIOUS ABOUT FISHING! Our experienced guides can lead you on endless Fishing Adventures; from simple "drop fishing" on the reef for Grouper, Snapper and a wide variety of colorful Reef Fish, to trolling the reef edge for trophy Barracuda, Amberjack, King Mackerel and more. The lagoons, estuaries and rivers near Spiritwind Reef resort abound with Tarpon, Snook, Cubera Snapper and Goliath Grouper. The fishing is EXCELLENT either by fly, spin or bait casting. "Stealth Fishing" the famous Gra Gra Lagoon by kayak is a special experience, with great fishing combined with the opportunity to see and silently approach Manatees, Crocodiles and other rare and beautiful wildlife. No matter your skill level, for young and old alike, Belize is a FREE-DIVING PARADISE! Un-encumbered by technology, experience the total freedom of swimming silently over our crystal clear Coral Reefs in your own private wonderland. Become "one" with the rainbow-hued life around you; with all the creatures both great and small, literally at your fingertips. From massive Goliath Groupers to the smallest "candy cane" Coral Shrimp----for this special moment in time, all are yours to command and enjoy. At Spiritwind Reef Resort, we have thousands of watery playgrounds from which to choose. One thing is for certain------no two dive adventures are ever the same! The Reefs near Spiritwind Reef Resort offer an undersea landscape un-paralleled both in variety and magnitude. Our sparkling turquoise sea abounds with spectacular dive sites. From shallow Rock Reefs with multi-colored Sponges, Gorgonians and Seafans, to 30 foot high Coral Pinnacles, Sea Caves, Swim-through and spectacular Drop-offs. Like walls? We have (at least) 140 miles of awesome wall diving----some with a mind-blowing 2000 foot drop!! And then there is the GREAT BLUE HOLE. The mere name evokes a sense of wonder and mystery. More than 1,000 feet wide and 430 feet deep, this ancient Ice-age Cave is like no other dive site on the planet. Once above sea-level, it is now a perfect circle "fish bowl" with the largest underwater stalactites in the world. Located some 50 miles offshore at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, this premium dive adventure will never be forgotten. How about BIG FISH? Whether skin diving or scuba, you will see a dazzling array of beautiful and impressive fish at Spiritwind Reef Resort: Schools of huge Tarpon, Permit, Crevalle, and King Mackerel. Gigantic 100 pound-plus Goliath Grouper and 50 pound-plus Cubera Snapper are common on our unspoiled reefs. Like your fish REALLY BIG? Every spring (just like clockwork) we are graced by the presence of the biggest fish in the world-----the GIANT WHALE SHARK. Though it is possible to encounter this 50 foot behemoth at anytime of the year, during the full moon in April, May and June, the waters of Gladden Spit can be positively thick with them. Truly a special "once in a lifetime" dive adventure! With (at least) 500 species of indigenous Birds, Belize is a Birdwatchers' Dream. There are gaudy Scarlet Maccaws, Amazon Parrots, Aztec Parakeets, beautiful and comical Toucans, as well as a spectacular congregation of lesser known species: Aricari, Blue-crowned Mot Mot, Resplendant Quetzal, Crimson Flycatcher, and Montezumas' Oropendula, just to name a few. Your eyes will be dazzled by the hundreds of bird species which illuminate our skies. And then there are the "Mega Birds." Giants of the skies like the incredible Jabiru Stork, the RARE and beautiful Emperor Vulture, or the "King" of the rainforest canopy... the Harpy Eagle. And all this without ever leaving the comfort of your own veranda! Belize is a botanical wonderland, from the watery maze of coastal Mangrove Jungles, dripping with moisture-loving Orchids and Tilandsias , to the cool and dark Mountain Rainforest, lush with Giant Antheriums, Bromeliads and Tree Ferns. It is a diverse ecosystem unlike any other, with more that 4,000 species of flowering plants (not to mention countless species of ferns and mosses) and 700 species of trees. At Spiritwind Reef Resort your room is always CLEAN, COMFORTABLE AND SAFE. Each of our AUTHENTIC Carib-style Cabanas is a unique creation; well appointed with plush Queen or Double Beds (hand-crafted in Jungle Style), traditional Mayan and Garifuna "craftsman" furnishings, original works from local artists, cool tropical ceiling fans, and private baths with "on demand" hot showers. The view from your PRIVATE VERANDA is nothing less than spectacular! Each "Casita" overlooking the beautiful Dangriga River, is surrounded by lush Tropical Gardens, with Hummingbirds, Butterflies and fragrant Flowers of every hue. Like wildlife? Our riverside grounds are a Green Iguana Sanctuary, where "herds" of the prehistoric beasts roam freely... they are quite tame, so keep your camera handy for that special candid shot! Or simply lay in your traditional Mayan Hammock, and watch the show as Parrots, Toucans and many other species of birds and animals visit our peaceful gardens. Come as you are.... and leave like a DIFFERENT person at the Spriritwind Reef Resort!

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    1st Newsight Dangriga 0000, Belize

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